S.D. Ind. Notes Split Whether Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act Applies to Employment

Per Canfield v. Isaacs, --- F.Supp.2d ----, 2007 WL 3333378 (N.D.Ind. Nov. 07, 2007):

This case poses the interesting question of whether Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to employment. It is before the Court on a motion to dismiss. The circuit courts of appeal are split on the issue, and the Seventh Circuit, while recognizing the split in authority, has not had the occasion to decide the issue. (The district courts in this circuit are likewise split on the issue). Title I of the ADA specifically applies to employment but it requires that plaintiffs exhaust their remedies through the EEOC before coming to court. Because the plaintiff in this case failed to exhaust his remedies, he is out of luck unless it is found that Title II also applies to employment. For the reasons stated below, I find that the plain language of the statute makes it clear that Title II does not cover employment.


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