William Mitchell Law Review Call for Papers – Eighth Circuit Splits

Here is a call for papers that I received recently:

Call for Papers – Eighth Circuit Split
William Mitchell Law Review, Vol. 36, Issue IV (Spring 2010)

The William Mitchell Law Review is proud to dedicate its fourth issue to Eighth Circuit Splits in its upcoming Volume 36 (Spring 2010). We are currently seeking papers that examine areas where the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has decided an issue differently from the other Circuit Courts of Appeals. These may be areas where the Eighth Circuit stands alone in its decision, or with a minority of other courts. Submissions may either take the form of shorter commentaries or longer law review articles. We are also accepting submission proposals at this time.

The William Mitchell Law Review is highly regarded both regionally and nationally. Our Law Review recently ranked twenty-second in citations by judges and ranked fifty-seventh in citations by other law journals, culminating in an overall ranking of seventieth. Over the years, the William Mitchell Law Review has featured the works of various scholars and practitioners such as Congressman Tim Penny, and former Vice President Walter Mondale. The William Mitchell Law Review has also published nationally known legal experts ranging from Philip Bruner, to Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O’Connor, Byron White, and Harry Blackmun. Now, we would like to invite you to join us to publish in our upcoming volume.

Please direct inquiries to Executive Editor Ellen M. Ahrens at ellen.ahrens@wmitchell.edu. Please send submissions to lreview@wmitchell.edu or mail them to our Editorial Office. Please note that the Law Review prefers electronic submissions.

William Mitchell Law Review
William Mitchell College of Law
875 Summit Avenue, Suite 159
St. Paul, Minnesota 55105


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